I want to order a product but it is out of stock

If the stock status of the product is 'ON REQUEST', we do not have the product in stock in our warehouse. We have to order the part specially from the factory. Please note that the part may have a longer delivery time and that we can no longer cancel and take the part in return after ordering.

How can I order the part?

If you want to order the part, we will send an order confirmation by e-mail. You will also receive an email with a payment link to pay the order amount. The payment will be done through our secure Buckaroo payment environment, just like in the webshop.

To pass on the order to us, you can reach us through the online helpdesk.

💡 Tip: Keep the partnumber and your address details to hand so that we can quickly place the order in our system!

Example: Below you see images of the mail and the Buckaroo payment environment that we send to you.