Which Head gasket Lombardini FOCS 502?

If you are going to replace the head gasket of your LDW FOCS 502 engine yourself, it is important to know which head gasket you need. 

The easiest way to find out is to see how much notch your current head gasket has (see attachment):

The number of holes in the head gasket indicates the thickness of the head gasket.

Overview head gaskets LDW FOCS 502:

Head gasket 0 holes original

Head gasket 1 hole original
Head gasket 1 hole not original

Head gasket 2 holes original
Head gasket 2 holes not original

Checking clearance volume:

1. Position the pistons at the top dead centre.

2. Measure the distance in four diametrically opposite points on the piston crown.

3. Repeat the operation on all pistons. The maximum value determines the measurement (A).

Choose the gasket corresponding to the measured value. This match determines the value of the clearance volume (see “Table of head gasket and clearance volume values”).