Tightening moments Lombardini FOCS 502


– Make sure there are no foreign bodies or residual material in the cylinder head cavity.
– Check that the contact surfaces are perfectly clean and intact.

1 - Slip on a new gasket (G).

2 - Choose the gasket shim to be installed (see “Which head gasket LDW FOCS 502 do I need?”)

3 - Make sure that the length of the screws (H) does not exceed 92mm, otherwise replace.

4 - Lubricate the screws copiously (H).

5 - Mount the cylinder head (L) and put in the screws (H).

6 - Tighten the screws in sequence (see diagram) to a temporary torque of 40Nm.



Use a torque wrench with an angle torque tool to tighten the screws.

7 - Tighten the screws further clockwise, rotating 90°.

8 - Tighten the screws to their final torque, rotating 90.