Vehicle Identification numbers Microcar

Below is an overview of the Vehicle Identification numbers of the Microcar mopedcar. Clicking on it will take you directly to the correct parts page.

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Microcar M.GO 6 [VJR84]

Microcar M.GO 4/5 [VJR84]

Microcar M.GO 3 [VJR82]

Microcar M.GO 2 [VH861BC/BR]

Microcar M.GO 1 [VH861BL/BY]

M8 [VH881]

DuƩ 6 [VJR84]

DuƩ 3 [VJR82]

DuƩ 2 [VH882]

DuƩ F1rst [VTB54]

MC2 [VH852 / VH856]

MC1 [VH851 / VH855]

Virgo 1 & Virgo 2 [VH840BBL]

Virgo 3 [VH840PBL]