How does the Helpdesk work?

For Minicarparts it is important that you are helped quickly and properly. We do this through our Helpdesk.

You will find this at the bottom right of your screen by clicking on the following logo:

When you have done this, customer service will open and you will be given the choice of the following channels at the bottom of the customer service screen:

Direct contact through various channels
You have clicked on the logo and our Helpdesk will open. In addition to the chat screen that opens by default, you have a number of choices to contact us:

  • Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • E-mail
  • Knowledge center (most asked questions, technical information, resources, etc.)

The chat function is an easy way to contact us directly. When you type a question, it will be sent directly to us. However, without us knowing who you are.

If our employees are busy and cannot answer your question immediately, we will therefore ask for your email address so that we can always get back to your question.

You can easily leave a message by leaving it in the 'Write a message' bar:


You can reach us quickly and easily via WhatsApp. When you press the WhatsApp at the bottom of the screen, this function will open. You then only need to press the next button and you will get in touch with our company account.

Facebook Messenger
When you press the ' f ' of Facebook Messenger at the bottom of customer service, you can open this function via the following button. You will then contact us directly via Facebook Messenger. 

If you want to send an email to us, this is of course no problem. You press the envelope at the bottom of the customer service screen and the following screen will be displayed, leave your name, email address and message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Knowledge center
Our knowledge center contains frequently asked questions, technical information, tools, etc. Press the button with the question mark '?' and the knowledge center will open.